Charity of the Year Partnership with Offload Cumbria

We aim to help raise awareness of a mental health service available to men in Cumbria.

We have named Offload Cumbria as our Charity of the Year in a push to help raise awareness of men’s mental health issues.

Founder of Offload, Liam Edmondson says:

There’s no magic to it – lads simply share their problems and literally offload the weight they’ve been carrying around.

Liam set up Offload to help bridge the gap between self and professional help for men in Cumbria who are suffering from mental health issues. Offload works to get men talking, helping them feel less isolated and more supported in their struggles with mental health.

He was prompted to start Offload as a result of his own experiences and a lack of support he felt during a time when he was struggling. “After developing PTSD, I found that there can be a lack of appropriate support if you don’t tick certain boxes.”, he said.

Once a former police special constable and emergency medical technician, Liam has experienced battles with poor mental health, led by the traumatic experiences he faced, especially during his time as an emergency medical technician.

Offload Cumbria was launched in 2019, and today has three weekly peer-to-peer group support sessions in Carlisle and Penrith. Sessions are FREE to attend and promote an easy-going and relaxed environment, establishing a supportive and informal space for men to relax and connect amidst challenging times.

I would encourage any lads out there who are struggling mentally to come along to a session and see what we’re all about. Our friendly group is here to help you deal with some of life’s challenges – think of us as a mate who will hear you out and never judge you. If you’re simply looking for some moral support, Offload is here for you.

Elizabeth Fisher, Director of Prospus Marketing said:

Supporting a men’s mental health charity is not just a cause; it’s a commitment to the well-being of those who matter most to us. By championing this important cause, we aim to contribute to a world where men experience mental health support and feel supported in both their personal and professional lives.

Prospus Marketing is enthusiastic about contributing its expertise and resources to help promote Offload Cumbria’s mission and extend its reach within the community.

Through our joint efforts, we aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and encourage more men to seek the support they need.says Elizabeth.

Offload Cumbria’s founder, Liam, expressed gratitude for the partnership, saying, We are thrilled to have the support of Prospus Marketing. This collaboration will certainly help us reach more individuals, offering them the understanding and support they need during tough times.

Men’s mental health is a serious and urgent issue. Figures, derived from the Office of National Statistics, show that Cumbria has a suicide rate 50% higher than the England average. If you are interested in attending an Offload session, or want to find out more information, visit

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