From Client to Colleague: A Marketer’s Journey to the Other Side!

As I reach the five-month mark in my new role at Prospus Marketing, I find myself reflecting on being on the other side…

Having worked in businesses with a marketing function, whereby some roles I was the sole marketer, tasked with navigating a marketing budget, juggling everyday tasks, which then become more reactive marketing than proactive, the struggle to see the wood from the trees can be daunting at times.

Whilst both proactive and reactive marketing happen simultaneously, when you are a small team, you sometimes need someone else in your corner. Someone to bounce ideas off, help you navigate which marketing efforts will align and deliver positive results against your business goals.

The truth is – I feel your pain. I have been there and because of this, I am ready and armed to be your perfectly placed outside counsel – your professional partner. At Prospus Marketing we are an highly-skilled, team of professional marketers and creatives waiting to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and emerge victorious in your industry.

Seeking outside counsel to advise on marketing efforts for your business can be highly beneficial for lots of reasons.

Firstly, we will bring a fresh perspective based on years of experience and marketing knowledge. We (your external advisors) can bring a fresh bank of ideas and deliver a new structure to your marketing strategy, aligning it with your overarching business goals. Staying ahead of the marketing curve can be hard to do when you are busy running your own business, and that’s where speaking to a marketing agency can help provide valuable insights into industry trends, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscapes.

The advantages of dealing with a marketing agency is we hold a breadth of knowledge and skills… from digital marketing to branding, content creation, strategy and analytics.

Choosing to engage with a marketing agency can also be a cost-effective solution to your business. You have the freedom to consult on an as-needed or retained basis, utilising a full team rather than maintaining a full-time in-house marketing team.

Another bonus of working this way is the flexibility and scalability it offers, enabling you to choose when to scale up or down your marketing efforts based on your business needs and budget constraints. We work with clients on individual projects, short-term campaigns, ongoing support, or strategic consulting, depending on what they need.

Together we work hand-in-hand. We are your professional partners armed with the expertise to deliver truly successful marketing campaigns with measurable results – every time.

To find out more about what our team can offer you, please contact me on or 07435 904 214 and we can arrange for a chat about your business goals.

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