Part 4: Marketing your start-up – Communication

We have all heard the phrase “communication is key”, and when it comes to your marketing, it really is!

Once you have your brand in place and your marketing plan taking shape (see previous News posts), you want to make sure that what you are putting out into the world is working hard for your business. To do this it is vital that you understand:

  • What your key messages are. Write these down and ensure they are present across your marketing.
  • What is the end goal of each piece of marketing you put out into the world? Perhaps you want someone to pick up the phone, visit your website, or walk into a store. The best way to do this is to make sure that you have clear and concise calls to action on everything that you communicate.


Make use of all communication channels available to you, from social media, email, PR, blog posts, and contacts within your business network. These are all channels that will work hard for you if the messages you are communicating on them are clear and relevant to your identified target audience.

In the final instalment of our introductory guide to marketing your start-up, we talk all things websites.

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